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In the world of SEO, an .EDU domain holds a lot of power. Actually, any URL associated with it from an .EDU domain is elevated up in their own organic search engine rankings for the reason that an .EDU domain links to them. From the search engine’s point of view, the .EDU link adds authority & credibility to that third-party website. This is well known among internet search engine marketers.

But while some may theorize that Google practically values these types of links since they are .EDU domains, there is not any proof of this – in reality, visit our santa monica location actually wrote just the opposite in a Google Group recently: “In general, I wish to add, that backlinks from .EDU domains generally tend not to get additional credibility from Google”, he says.

How does an .EDU backlink value? The real value in .EDU links comes from exactly the same place as many other authoritative site on the web. Sites with EDU domains typically have high authority and credibility as they are around for a long period and have many quality and trusted sites linking to them as well, therefore the true value fails to come directly because it’s an .EDU domain, but because they are authoritative domains.

Usually do not Spam .EDU domains – Because of the value .EDU links give other websites, they may be on a daily basis bombarded by untrustworthy SEO Companies or just plain businesses on a variety of topics, not really related to the website. These businesses often try to post spamming comments or desire to exchange links (Note! Google technically will not allow paid links and will discount/penalize people because of it, however this occurs often, and does not always being penalized, should it be not obviously paid links).

The way to get Backlinks from .EDU Domains? If you would like an .EDU backlink, spamming or link exchange will not be the way forward. It might be a waste of energy trying these techniques, and you might be penalized by Google (by exchanging links in general).

However, if you produce some valuable info, or corporate along with them on various cases, which is within their field of great interest, the backlinks may come as being a natural point about this corporation. Alternatively, you can provide value towards the students from the school by making a scholarship. Then you may get an .EDU backlink from their store.

Domain Authority explained – Domain Authority metrics are included in lots of SEO and online marketing platforms over the web. Domain Authority is actually a calculated metric for how well a particular domain is probably going to rank in Google’s search engine results. As reliable domain authority tools I can mention Ahrefs ranking and Moz Rank – Moz Toolbar.

If you are into Search engine optimisation, then you should be very knowledgeable of the truth that backlinks from edu domains has better link juice than normal backlinks. Google has always treated edu domains rich in authority. The majority of the edu domains are utilized by popular school, colleges, universities and education organizations. So Google think that the material from those sites is going to be highly informative.

It is widely considered that one quality back link from the edu domain is preferable to getting 10 back links from domains. It is really not easy to return links from edu sites. We cannot implement our traditional octapu like link exchange. Not just a single edu webmaster is going to be ready to exchange links using a commercial site. So we need to think from the box and make links. One method which can be highly used is commenting on blogs. But this method is highly over saturated and the majority of the edu blogs already are spammed with useless comments.

There is absolutely no meaning to get a linkback from the edu page which includes more than 10 outbound links [OBL]. So we must think wisely and watch out for other methods. Besides blog commenting, another approach is to utilize guestbook feature in a lot of the college and university websites. Again these are a bit spammed and so the link juice value will be less.

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